Webb Telescope Spectrograph Suffers Software program Glitch

An artist's conception of the Webb telescope in space.

NASA says the Webb Area Telescope’s Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph is at present unavailable for science operations following a software program glitch earlier this month.

In a launch published yesterday, the company said that the difficulty began on January 15, when a communications delay inside the instrument prompted its flight software program to day trip. Flight software program is an important side of any instrument working in area, because it manages a whole suite of operations on a given spacecraft, together with its orientation, communications, information assortment, and thermal management.

NIRISS’ flight software program timing out doesn’t imply that Webb is about to spin out of place or the rest disastrous. Actually, the NASA launch said “there isn’t a indication of any hazard to the {hardware}, and the observatory and different devices are all in good well being.” Affected scientific observations can be rescheduled, NASA mentioned.

Webb accomplished its million-mile journey to L2, the realm of area from which the observatory pictures the cosmos, a year ago this week. It’s imaged some remarkably sharp and informative views of the universe in its six months of scientific operations to this point.

But it surely hasn’t been fully easy crusing for the $10 billion area observatory. Whereas its scientific devices had been commissioned with out problem, in Might one in every of Webb’s mirrors was struck by a micrometeoroid—a really small rock crusing via area—inflicting injury, although the group mentioned the telescope’s optical efficiency was nonetheless twice pretty much as good as required.

There have additionally been some software program hiccups. In August, the telescope’s Mid-Infrared Instrument (or MIRI) had a software program glitch that paused its operations through November. And in December, there was a difficulty with the telescope’s angle management, which manages the place the telescope is pointing. The glitch put the telescope into secure mode multiple times last month.

None of those points quantity to catastrophe. Needless to say the Hubble Area Telescope (Webb’s predecessor) continues to function after greater than 30 years in area and has gotten a number of software program updates and repairs, including by human hands. People is not going to be touring a million miles via area to deal with Webb’s points, so NASA should cope with the software program points from the bottom.

Area businesses might design future area observatories to be upgraded with robotic servicing, however for now, Webb’s upkeep must be executed remotely.

Webb has executed some super work to this point and can proceed to light up probably the most historical and murky areas of the cosmos. You possibly can try a few of what’s on the docket, together with different astronomy plans for the yr, here.

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